Monday, July 2, 2018

Updated 2018 Favorite Sweat Inducing HTC Vive VR Games

Two winters ago, I hit a VR hump as I was downloading games but none of them quite held my interest. Then I played the free version of Don't Mess Up where the tennis mini-game really was fun. So I looked up "tennis" keyword on Steam and happily stumbled on the concept that the Vive was really a gym replacement.  I've easily spent thousands on YMCA membership but I've never sweated so enjoyably in a virtual space.

Here are my top favorites for a workout:

0. Beat Saber
Install custom song mod, go to and download gangam style. Enough said. Note no matter how awesome you feel slashing your sabers around, every one looks totally dorky.

1. Plannes was my first true sweat inducing experience and left my whole body aching the next day. I played a few more hours and this opened my eyes as using VR for fitness. I am still stuck on defeating the last match of the last boss. I'm convinced it's not possible.

2. Holodance - OSU! free mode opens up the world of crazy beat maps.  Skip story mode.

3. SuperHot

4. Gorn - put in for my husband. If you can take the gore.

5. Racquet Fury- best of the ping pong genre with the best physics and AI bot.  (I've also got  Elven Ping Pong)
6. Fruit Ninja/KatanaX - buy it on sale

Other sweaty selections I rarely play:
  • RaquetballNX - the 360 racquetball used to be my favorite until they changed to an atrocious orange disco styling
  • Audioshield - it was fun 2 years ago to try if you are new to this genre but is a bit tepid compared to Holodance and Beat Saber
  • Selfie Tennis - it's fun for about 30 minutes.

Titles I've returned
  • Holopoint -not compelling enough given QuiVR and of course Skyrim archery.
  • In Death- while the game mechanic is innovative, moving via throwing shards or arrow just made me queasy.

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