Tuesday, July 3, 2018

SkyrimVR Grind vs Cheats

SkyrimVR is single player game existing purely for your enjoyment only so there is no need to slog through dungeons if that’s not your thing. More than in a pancake game,  it takes real physical energy to stab enemies in VR and there is so many times you want to pop off yet another draugr or wolf pack at the end of a hard workday.

If you want to just be an explorer/tourist without having to invest 100s of hours in combat and questing, here are some command line cheats I am not ashamed to use. Console command lines in Skyrim are definitely worth knowing not for bumping up play but to get out of bugs and glitches.  In VR, it's awkward to use the keyboard (~ to enter mode, shift-~ to exit) so I normally do this at the beginning of the game before I fully gear up.
  • tmm - unlock all map markers so you can fast travel anywhere.  You can more immersively ride a carriage but if you are the kind of person that doesn't mind knowing the plot before seeing a movie, tmm.  Skyrim still holds plenty of places to explore that are not marked or will be locked unless you complete a quest.
  • tcai - toggles combat so no one will attack you.  This setting is not sticky so you will have to reapply each time. Unfortunately the only mod I found to avoid combat is only for Playstation(Ring of Peace).  There are some unintended consequences of turning off combat: if you have followers and they encounter enemies, they will stay in place in a trance without attacking. But if you fast travel, they will join you again.  If an "attack" is part of a plot of a quest line like the Greymanes vs Battleborn where one of the Greymane bros attacks you when you enter his house, tcai will not change that. 
  • coc <locationRefId> - teleports you to a place. Useful if you can't find the map maker and also takes you to any named place in Skyrim. Note if you materialize in place which need a completed quest, you may be confronted or attacked on arrival.  I.e. I wanted to see the Dwemer Museum in Markarth but didn't want to bother with the quest. When I coc'ed into the museum, guards put a bounty on me so I had to off them just so I can have a look around in peach.  Was not worth... I had to pay the bounty once I tried to leave. Sad that the life of 3 guards only amounts to 100 septims in Skyrim.
  • player.additem f 100000 - give yourself some gold if you're tired of thieving and looting. But remember, like in the real world, money gets you only so far. If you find yourself in the wilds with a boatload of septims but an ornery troll chases you a hill, well SOL.
  • showracemenu - if you get tired of having picked the wrong race(Altmer not as fun as you thought eh, orsimer is where the action is), you can change your race and looks. Note this will fork your character file so the old one will still exist separately.
  • tim/tgm - immortal mode/god mode, I never use these because that would be no fun for me although now I question why I do so much work hoarding my stash everywhere instead of carrying everything everywhere...
The console commands can do almost anything- unlock shouts, spawn items, advance skill levels that sort of thing and you have to decide for yourself what cheats you want to use if any.  I for myself decided that the grind for gaining skills- archery, smithing, and enchanting was the fun part so I limited myself to opening up map markers and giving myself 500K.

Also- there's no shame in playing novice level if you are not into combat. There's plenty of time to  work up to be Legendary.

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