Custom 2019 i9-9900K Rig Install Steps

Here are the detailed instruction plan to build my custom gaming rig that I outlined day before the components arrived.  I tried to install iteratively testing as early as possible, trying not to screw in the motherboard to the case until everything is working.

1. Basic MOBO component install
  • seat RAM  (check MSI manual for correct configuration for 2 seating config in dual channel)
  • seat i9-9900k in socket
  • seat 1st nvme drive- remove mounting screw, seat 1st m.2 nvme, put back screw
2. Cooling- add CPU Fan

First make sure the mounting fits as expected before you add thermal paste!
  • mount the cooler frame to mobo
  • determine mount direction, fins horizontal works best
When you are 100% satisfied, then proceed to:
  • add thermal paste to CPU
  • attach Noctua Fan in horizontal direction
3. Install MOBO flat onto horizontal case without screwing in standoffs in case I need to pop things out again.

4. Wire up MOBO power cable to PSU outside just to test boot.

5. Power up, install Windows 10 Pro
  • install MSI drivers (downloaded to USB)
  • Wired and Wifi check
  • Audio  Check
  • Bluetooth check
  • Install browser
6. Install "Passmark Benchmark" and test resting and benchmarked CPU Thermals to be in normal range

7. Permanently Install MOBO/PSU
  • Shutdown. Screw down motherboard to standoffs.
  • Install PSU fan side down
  • Rehook up cables, cable management
8. GPU test
  • power down, seat 1080ti (don't screw in just yet)
  • attach power cable
  • restart, install 1080ti driver
  • remove HDMI to GPU 
  • run 3DMark Benchmark
9. Test VR
  • Install Steam, ViveVR
  • Test base VR setup
10. Install fast storage- Test Steam drive migration

  • Install second m.2 nvme from laptop 
  • Install Samsung 512 (old windows 7 drive)
11. Bethesda games/mods check 
  • add second m.2 K drive, attach to steam
  • Copy over user profiles/saves C:/
  • Run Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR from Steam.
  • Install Vortex, redeploy mods, launch from FOVR/TESVR  
12. Install Other Utilities
  • 7zip
  • Dropbox
  • Java
  • git
  • Visual Studio
13. Install HDD drives

14. Migrate over rest of steam catalog from laptop 

(Above plan does not include OC testing or RAID setup.)

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